viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

Unit 6 Family

A. Work on these exercises:
B. Draw your family tree and write a composition about it. Include thepossesive forms. This is Desiree Martinez's family


 Hi all! My name is Desiree Martinez. I have 25 years of age. I live with my husband and daughter. david henry my brother and my father, my mother is living alone dead, therefore, in my family there are three people, we are a small family and we are from Venezuela. My father is a widower, is 48 years old, and my only brother is Henry, he has 19 and he is a college student. henry and marlin are my parents, and I am his only child, my brother is the son of another matrionio. My father is a widower and married over again. david henry is the son of my father, therefore, he is my brother, and I am his sister.

 Katiusca husband and wife is jorge jorge is Katiusca. Amali's mother is Katiusca. Stephania's father is jorge. Stephanie and the girls are Amali Katiusca Amalia and Maria are my grandmothers. oswualdo Marisabel's grandfather. I, henry, stephanie, Amali and Gerardo are amalia grandchildren. Granddaughter Amali Amalia is stephanie and granddaughter of Maria and me. My uncles are jorge, fredy, felipe, orlando, Edward. Aunt Mia is Cheli and is also aunt Amali, stephanie and henry. Jorge nephew is gerardo and henry. Katty niece me. Gerardo's cousin, Henry and me. Felipe's father, and Edward is oswualdo orlando, rafael is his brother-in-law. rafael mother-in-law is maria, marlin, felipe, orlendo and Edward are his brother. Jorge amalia children are, Chelis and my father. felipe her daughter-in-law is Marisabel.

jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Unit 5 Food

B. Write a composition about you Use these questions or add some more: 

 1.Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday?
 Yes, tengo el desayuno, el almuerzo y la cena todo los deis 
2.What’s your favorite meal of the day?
 my favorite meal of the day is Chinese rice
 3.If you have breakfast, what do you have?
 I breakfast cereals 
4.What’s in a Marabino’s Breakfast?
 Marabino's is a breakfast coffee with milk and corn bread with egg 
5.Do you like Venezuelan Food? 
yes, I like the Venezuelan food 
6.What’s your favorite restaurant or place to eat?
 My favorite restaurant is flavor Zulia 
7.What’s your favorite dish in their menu? 
My favorite dish is the goat in coconut 
8.what food from other countries do you know?
 that the pasta is Italian
 9.Which ones do you like? 
the sushi and the pasta 
10.Which ones you don’t like?
 I do not like the shawarma 
11.Do you cook? 
yes cook
 12.What’s your favorite dish?
 My favorite dish the goat in coconut 
13.Where is it from? 
is maracaibo 
14.What do you need to prepare it? 
goat and coconut, rice, banana and cheese. 

 C. Interview someone from another country. use the same questions.